I was born and grew up in Dresden. After studying Theology, the History of Saxony, and Modern and Contemporary History at the Universities of Dresden and Jerusalem, I worked in the fields of archeology, history and theology. These experiences made me decide to work as a tour guide. So I am able to offer you an in-depth look into all the points of interest, including the mythology of Dresden.

  • licenced guide at Pillnitz Park & Palace
  • licenced guide at Moritzburg Palace
  • licensed guida at Semper Gallery (painting collection "Old Masters Gallery" & collection of classical sculptures)
  • licenced guide at residence palace
  • licenced guide at New Green Vault (residence palace)
  • licenced guide at Royal State Apartments (residence palace)
  • licenced guide at Kulturpalast
  • licenced guide at Saxon Switzerland National Park
  • membership in the Association of Tourist Guides in Dresden
  • membership in the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD)



Dear Claudia,
About a week ago we met for 2 hours.
Me and my 2 friends decided we want a walking tour in Dresden. I thought we’ll find ourselves with 20 other old tourists but got the privilege of getting a private tour, with a great nice guide from all aspects. You.
So I want to tell you... Regards
04.02.2019, Rony A., Tel Aviv

Dear Claudia,
Thank you a lot for your work. The guests advised that you are excellent :)
20.07.2017, Julia N., Riga (Guests from New York)

Dear Claudia,
thank you so much for a great tour.
03.06.2016, John R., Massachusetts

I enjoyed the city tour and learned a lot. I really like Dresden. Best wishes.
07.04.2015, Mattie S., Seattle

dear claudia:
thanks again for giving us a wonderful tour of dresden. we really enjoyed meeting you. all the best,
07.02.2015, Irene, Santiago de Chile

Dear Claudia
Thank you for your company on the 24th and 25th of August. Your guidance and friendship was superb and was a highlight of our brief time in Germany. Best wishes to you, and I hope we will meet again during our future visits to Europe. Regards
15.09.2013, Denis D., Australien